Chris & Steve Rocks: Tempestuous Seas

46" x 23" image size
Exclusive Studio Collection 
Signed Limited Edition on Board
POA - Please enquire at the gallery.
This stunning limited edition from Chris and Steve Rocks will transport you right in to the heart of the sea. A beautifully hand embellished piece that will add character and sophistication to any home. 

Chris and Steve Rocks represent a unique phenomenon in the world of fine art. Twin brothers who were born only seven minutes apart, they have created an extraordinary artistic partnership, due to a closeness and understanding that is beyond the imagination of most of us. They have worked together throughout their lives, and each of their striking oils on canvas is a true collaboration both in terms of technique and approach - a united response from both artists.

Chris and Steve studied a range of artistic disciplines at school, foundation and university levels, including fine art, ceramics, design, interior design, life drawing, metal sculpture, 3D design, fashion design and photography. Despite their passion for fine art, it was not until they began to exhibit their work successfully in the North of England that the realised their own potential; they were soon selling to private buyers all over the country and had made such a strong impact that they were featured heavily in the local media including TV appearances.

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