Scarlett Raven: Years Ahead | Paper Edition

12 x 12" image size 
22 x 23" framed size 
Limited Edition
Signed Limited Edition on Paper
POA - Please enquire at the gallery.

A touching Paper Edition by Scarlett Raven, as part of her groundbreaking augmented reality project. 

Inspired by legendary war poets Wilfred Owen, Siegfried Sassoon and Rupert Brooke, The Danger Tree sees Scarlett join forces with Marc Marot and augmented reality app Blippar to expose the true heartbreak of World War One. 

By digitally stripping away the countless layers of paint, viewers are able to reveal the creative journey beneath and see the Great War re-imagined.

To unlock the multiple layers in Scarlett’s work, download the Blippar app through the iOS app store or the Google Play store for Android and simply scan any piece online to get started.

As a young girl with profound dyslexia, Scarlett turned to the medium of art as a way to communicate her feelings, using painting to rebuild the world in a way which she could understand.

She went on to undertake a degree in art from Central Saint Martins, and she is one of the youngest artists to have had a solo exhibition in London’s esteemed Cork Street Galleries. Since graduating in 2009, Scarlett has enjoyed several successful shows and been involved in a number of public projects. Her high profile collectors and supporters include Lord Jonathan Marland, Duffy, Take That, Roxy Music and Orlando Bloom.

Her most recent exhibition, The Danger Tree, commemorated the Battle Of The Somme and was received with overwhelming acclaim from the media and the public.

Scarlett describes herself as an Augmentist, painting impressionistically but using augmented reality to reveal the deeply personal process beneath each painting.  Using augmented reality app Blippar, Scarlett is able to take the painting process far beyond the canvas, stripping away the layers of her paintings to reveal the creative journey beneath; the thought process, the layers of paint and the raw emotion and inspiration.

Her current body of work ‘The Danger Tree’ is inspired by the tragic events of WWI, in particular The Danger Tree, a commemorative gathering point which marked the spot where, in 1916, troops from The Newfoundlanders - part of the 29th British Division - gathered for shelter on the opening day of the Battle of the Somme . The tree became an easy target for German artillery and marked the spot where many of the Newfoundlanders would lose their lives that day. Inspired by her father’s reverence, Scarlett immersed herself in the history and poetry of the time, and each of her new paintings is named after a classic war poem.

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