Zinsky: 100 Sketches of 100 Films

26" x 26" image size
Limited Edition Book
POA - Please enquire at the gallery.
This wonderful new book by Zinsky celebrates 100 famous films we have all come to love over the years.  This limited edition book also allows for a behind the scenes look at Zinsky's technique and a more intimate view of his artwork in it's early stages of development.  This series of sketches are bursting with all the action and drama from your favourite films in a contemporary, edgy style, so order your copy now to enjoy the unique workings of Zinsky!  
Zinsky's remarkable portraits capture the essence of his subject in a way that sets his work apart from that of his contemporaries. In a world where the art of the icon is in such great demand, he brings something new and exciting to this hugely popular genre. The confidence and skill he demonstrates within his compositions combines with the speed and spontaneity with which he works, demonstrating a raw talent that is completely natural.

A reclusive artist, Zinsky was born and brought up in the UK but now lives in Barcelona. Spending time in a city famous for its architecture, art and culture has had a profound impact on his work, and he has absorbed influences and ideas from his surroundings. A definite non-conformist, it is the art of the streets and the bohemian fringes that he admires rather than the more officially sanctioned establishment work, yet ironically the brilliance of his own oil paintings would make them look at home in the most formal of public galleries.

The staggeringly detailed portrayals of his celebrity subjects has won his a dedicated following and their launch into the UK has already made a massive impact.

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